Monday, September 14, 2009

Another sneak peek...

Here's another peek at the progress of my new bear...please forgive the blurry picture and the fact that the poor critter only has one eyelid in place at the moment...

I'm really happy with his progress so far, I can't wait to get his other eyelid in place and do more shading which I sooo enjoy :) But sadly, it will have to wait until later on this afternnoon, the grocery store is calling and is in desperate need of more of my money so I better not make them :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello Kimi,
    I comes about Federbärchen to you and what I find, a nice Blog and quite enchanting bears. I come again and would mark you with pleasure in my Sidebar if you may. Kind regards from Germany Iris

  2. Thank you both so much! I really appreciate your compliments and that you took the time to write! Most kind regards, Kimi

  3. he's looking beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see him finished :)