Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Please come see my new jewelry blog :)

Hi again :) I decided to make a blog just for my jewelry so I may leave this blog for my bears when they make their return :) I would love for you to stop by my jewelry blog, it's brand new so there's only one post so far, lol, but it's a start :) Just click the link below to visit!

Thank You for all your continued support of both my bears and my jewelry too!
Warmest wishes, Kimi :)

New tree of life pendants and a nest or two :)

Hi all :) I've been working on a lot of pendants and just got everything finally listed on ebay.

Here's the link to my jewelry on ebay if you'd like to take a peek :)

Thanks so much :) Warmest wishes, Kimi 

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm still here! :)

Hello Friends!
I've been sort of missing for awhile, especially from the bear making world. I am happy to say I HAVE been working on a bear. I have the head finished and now all I need to do is sew the rest of it and eventually I'll have a finished bear finally! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you something that has been actually keeping me from completing my bear...but it's something I have sooo enjoyed! Thanks to a very good friend and fellow bear artist I got started in wire and beading art.  I have had so much fun making all kinds of different creations!  If you would like to take a peek, I have several things currently listed on ebay :) under my beading 'name' Son Blest Beads :) Please click on the link below to visit :)

Please do stay tuned, as I will eventually have a bear ready for adoption but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy seeing my new beaded creations! Thank you so much in advance!!
Warmest wishes, Kimi :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Corydalis ~ My first bear of 2012

Please meet...
 ~ Corydalis ~
meaning 'Blue Panda'
 He is my first bear of 2012 :)
He was created using a silvery gray mohair. I hand-dyed the outside of his arms, legs and both sides of his ears in dark navy blue.  I then antiqued him first using a cinnamon and coffee mixture.  After drying, I used a combination of dark blue and brown oil paints to add additional shading and antiquing to give him a nice subtle vintage look.
He has a little fabric patch handstitched on his belly to add to his vintage charm :) He has premium black glass eyes with upper eyelids with shading all around to give them nice depth. I handstitched his nose in very dark brown, then lightly waxed and shaded it in black for further dimension. His paw pads are dark blue ultrasuede which are shaded lightly in a dark blue/brown mixture. I made him a fabric 'scarf' around his neck. I actually made the scarf after putting it on him so I don't know what it would look like if you took it off..lol!! The scarf, not the bear! hee hee! I tied the rusty brown fabric 'scarf' around his neck, the cut some ribbon strips onto which I threaded brown & gold glass beads. It was just the right touch because it fits him perfectly :) He is approximately 12 3/4" tall and sitting he is approximately 9". He's fully 5 way jointed and weighted a bit with steel shot sand in his belly.
 Always remember that color monitors pick up colors differently so he could look slightly different in person than what he looks like in his pictures.

Corydalis is listed on ebay for 7 days with no reserve.  To view his auction please click on the link below :) His auction ends next Thursday, Febuary 9, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. EST.

  Thank you so much for considering and as always a huge Thank You for following my work especially as sporadic as it is most of the time! I appreciate your interest SO much, I could never say Thank You enough!
Sending most warm wishes and many Thanks and hugs,
Kimi & Corydalis