Monday, February 28, 2011

My Studio :)

I absolutely love seeing where artist's create their bears and such. Looking into their lovely studios, everything so pretty and organized. Always makes me feel like creating just looking into their creative spaces! Soooo I thought I would share MY 'studio' with you so you could get a peek into my creative 'space' :)
Below is my designing, tracing and cutting out table. It is also my paint booth and other various stages of my creating goes on here as well. This table is also known kitchen table. (Uhh..Please ignore the pop tart crumbs...thanks)
Below you will find an absolute work horse..a.k.a my fantastic antique portable Singer sewing machine. I simply cannot imagine sewing on anything else! I love you little sewing machine!This is my office assistant, Link...a.k.a my lap warmer :)
Oh would you look at that! My assistant asleep on the job...I'll have to have a word with him later....the slacker...
We have now arrived to my sewing station, where I do all my hand sewing, needle and scissor sculpting, stuffing and other general creativeness....a.k.a my living room couch. It's great and there's no assembly required! And look at the fabulous built in pin cushion...Yes I know! And might I mention comfy as well! (The blur you see below is my assistant, umm..bathing himself..this is not acceptable...not acceptable at all!)
And there you have it, my creative spaces! I hope you've enjoyed the tour and before we leave I thought I would also throw in a tiny sneak peek at the fur I will be using for my next bear :)
Bye bye now!
Hugs, Kimi :)


  1. I love this post! I see you have a pretty nice stove sitting back there too. Even though I do have a designated room for all my stuff, my favorite place is always right out in the comfy chair in front of the tv.

  2. Hee hee! Thank you Joanne! I'm so glad you enjoyed my humor :) Oooh you noticed my stove :) It's an antique but still works! We use it all the time :) The oven is fun, the temp control doesn't work so you have to turn it on and then just adjust it until it gets to where you want it, but it still works great! I agree I love the comfy spot in front of the tv too :)

  3. Hello Kimi ~ I just LOVE your studio..especially that beautiful stove with the copper tea kettle sitting so nicely on top! And I too use the arms of my chairs for pin cushions. I do have a separate "studio"..which is actually a bedroom...however I rarely work in there ...I either sit in a cozy chair in the living room by the TV or in the dining room by the wood stove :)

    So lovely to meet you :)

  4. Hi Doreen :) It's so very nice to meet you too! Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my 'studio' LOL! Hey you have a woodstove too? Mine is in my living room where my sewing station is :) You noticed my kitchen stove too, thank you for your compliments..we love it and it fits right in because our home was built in 1860 :) I guess the stove is actually newer than our house, but! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who uses the arms of chairs as pin cushions..hee's so convenient (as long as you don't forget they're there :P Thanks again sooo much for stopping by and commenting! I hope you have a fantastic day! Warmest wishes and hugs, Kimi

  5. looks so cute everything!and your bears are adorable. i want to be a follower of your blog and maybe you want visit us back? best wishes and a sunny week! di

  6. Aww, Thank you so much! I would love to visit your blog :o) Going there now! Warmest wishes & hugs, Kimi

  7. OK, that was a lot of fun, Kimi! Thank you for the tour! (Hope you'll visit my studio, too...the "official" Where Bloggers Create party happened last year on June 19.)

    I am now following your blog. Not sure why I wasn't before! I love your bears. :o)

    Blessings and bear hugs,

  8. Hee hee! I'm so glad you enjoyed the tour Debora! Thank you so much for stopping by AND for 'following' my blog! Yay!! I will definately check out your studio! And I know you already know this but I love your bears too! Blessings and lots of bear hugs, Kimi