Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's almost Halloween!

Hello! It's been awhile since I posted...yeah I know I sound like a broken record right? But it has been wildly busy ever since my kids started back to school. Between volleyball practices, volleyball games, spell bowl practices, my little 5 year old son having separation anxiety every morning before's been just a tad bit busy! But I think things have finally calmed down a bit...I think. I probably shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch right? Oh great, now I have myself all worried, I probably jinxed myself for sure! LOL! Ooooh well....anyways, just wanted to share some pictures of our newly carved pumpkins! My family and I spent the afternoon each carving our own pumpkins :) We all drew our own pictures and carved them, even my 5 year old...with one of those cool safety carvers of course :) So I took some super cool pictures to share them with you!
Above is my husband's happy pumpkin and my spooky tree!
And above is Hannah's super awesome zombie pumpkin and Evan's adorable puppy and owl pumpkin! Aren't they great!! :)
Mwahaa haa!!!
Hannah with her pumpkin
Evan with his pumpkin!

Our little 65 VW bug is all dressed up for Halloween too! We put pumpkin lights on the roof rack! Isn't that just cool!?
And after lighting our pumpkins to see what they looked like....the moon started coming up behind the clouds! It was sooo pretty and yeah...a little creeeepy too!!
Happy Halloween to all my friends! Hope it's super spooooky!!
Hugs, Kimi :)

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