Monday, April 5, 2010

Our baby boy has turned 5...Happy Birthday Evan!

It truly only seems like yesterday that God blessed us with your birth little man! I cannot believe it has been FIVE years already! Our love for you has only grown and grown since that day!! You were the sweetest little baby a mama could ask for and your big sister had so much fun taking care of her little brother...Happy 5th Birthday Sweetheart!! We all love you soooo much!!!!

Soooo Precious!!

Awww!!! isn't this just sooo sweet!!
If it could only still be this way!!

Our little man :)

Not quite yet son....

True love, look at those green eyes!

1st day of preschool! Whoo hoo!!

Has it REALLY been five years??
Yes, that IS a bite taken out of his candle...
guess it looked a little yummy? hee hee!
Make a wish sweetheart!! We hope all your dreams come true!!

Love you so much little man!!

Happy 5th Birthday Evan!!
Hugs and Kisses Sweetie!! We Love You So Much!!
Daddy, Mommy & Hannah


  1. what a handsome little fella he is,wish him a very happy birthday from me xx

  2. A really sweet post, Kimi.
    Happy 5th Birthday, Evan!
    They grow up so fast..

  3. awwww, what a sweetie pie :) Happy Birthday Evan!!