Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthdays and Giveaways...

We've had another birthday to celebrate in our family. My sweetie pie husband turned the big FOUR OOOOH (a.k.a. 40) yesterday! We celebrated by giving him this big ole birthday cake...

It was complete with 40 candles...the light was blinding...hee hee ;0)

Here's my sweetie who, by the way, does NOT like
his picture being taken. As a matter of fact in this
very picture he is in the middle of saying..
"You better not be taking my picture"


I also wanted to share a couple of fun giveaways being offered by some blogger friends of mine. The first is being offered by Little visit her blog and read about her giveaway just click on the picture that looks like the one below on the sidebar of my blog and it will take you right to it!
The second giveaway I would like to share is being offered from Fatsew Cat Quilts. This is a pay it forward type read more about it please click on the picture, like the one below, on the sidebar of my blog to visit her giveaway!
Don't miss out...these are fun and FREE for you so why not check them out!
Thanks so much and I hope you all have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs, Kimi



  1. Haha! That is quite the cake!!!
    I'm always amused by good looking people who don't want their picture taken! I always look horrible in pics, so I envy people who can be in a picture muttering about how you'd better not be taking their picture, and still look good!

    Thanks for the mention of my giveaway!

  2. Happy Birthday Brian!!!!! Did they put trick candles on that cake for you so you had to blow them out twice? They sure look like they could be!! Now, what can we do to get Kimi in two year???? :0) LOL

  3. Heather ~ Hee hee, I KNOW! He's always complaining about having his picture taken, yet he looks so darn good in every single one! LOL! I, however, don't photograph well at all..yuck! You are so welcome, very glad to mention your giveaway, see you had another join..YAY!!! Amanda ~ Nope those weren't trick's a good thing too cause you should have seen how smoky the kitchen was after he blew them all out! LOL!